Our Service

Our company offers our customer for design, install, modify, improve or repair, checkup, care and maintenance video, audio, etc. Service by specialize and direct experience team. Moreover our company offers equipment’s information for correct and safety using in order that extend lifespan.


  • Design, cabling, install and set up entire system
  • Give an  advice, analyze problems and suggest the best solution
  • Design the system to be accurate with using and place


  • Estimate the price from site for financial approve before proceed
  • We had specialist and professional experience staff.
  • We had insurance for set up the system.
  • Our company have guarantee installation.


  • Our company have care  and repair services for your currently system to be ready for regular using .


  • Our after sales service will take care in modify and maintenance service (in network)
  • Equipment care service for extend lifespan with advise and suggestion to use properly
  • Quality guarantee and satisfaction of our job
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