CCTV system is

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CCTV system is

CCTV system is the system of video record with closed TV circuit. This is a system for security in each area for checking and caring all events and situations.

Installment of CCTV system

  • Camera send picture to the control room
  • Connecting Part, The cable for connection between camera and recorder and recorder and hard disk (Storage all data) and send it to other section.
  • Monitor is the part to receive and show the picture from the camera.

The type of CCTV

  • BOX Camera or Cylinder Camera. The lens can change depents on the usage condition.
  • DOME Camera. Can choose by Camera’s resolution
  • Infrared Camera. Can look through the night even there is complete darkness.
  • SPEED DOME Camera. Can determine the speed limit, rotate the direction and can zoom.
  • IP Camera. An internet protocol camera is a type of digital video camera.

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