The difference of the 3 technologies

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The difference of the 3 technologies

All 3 technologies, Even CVI, TVI, AHD will support the old system to completely work with both 960H and D1. But in Current Marketing only TVI can support full option. For AHD and CVI can’t mix the camera with different resolution. If they can mix, they have to restart the device.

AHD in current, they have AHD2.0 that cannot support AHD1.0. Some factory separate the Product into 2 part, that is AHD-A (AHD1.0) AHD-B (AHD2.0)  and still not support Analog camera.

TVI obtain Analog to put in Chipset that makes the recorder and camera from all TVI and Analog completely working together. The price of TVI recorder is not so different with 960H recorder. So the Analog camera will soon be seem with this system and called  “Hybrid DVR (960H+720P+1080P)”.

CVI start from organization (HD-CCTV alliance) that manufactory is the person who design Chipset and CVI standard with marketing. That means the manufactory is the only one who can set the aspect, that similar with monopoly market. It isn’t good for the overall market. For TVI and AHD are the Chipset, which is an open idea and not the idea of a factory who made the DVR only for Chipset and sell to other factories around the world. So that there is still complete market competition.

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