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Many people have doubts about standard which concern with line. What are they? What is the initials and full name? Now the answers are ready

>> ANSI : American National Standard Institute
American National Standard Institute is an independent organization which non-profit. They officiate to prescribe and control the industry’s standard in different types. Including computer’s industry, develop standard of product, service, process, system and personnel in United State of America

>> UL : Underwriters Laboratories
An independent organization whom is certify, examine for all product. Located on United State of America, Since AD 1894 and now they had the standard more than 1,200 section. UL’s standard are cover various product such as Home appliances, Medical equipment, Fire protection equipment, Gas system equipment, Electronic components, Electric cable, Electric wire, plastic, rubber sticker etc.

>>INTERTEK : World Leading Company, whom is certify of standard, Product’s safety, Production and management system

>>ISO : International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Standardization was founded since AD 1946. An office located in Geneva, Switzerland. The objective is similar with other World’s trade organization. That is, organize world trade by creating standards.

>>EIA : Electronic Industries Alliance
>> TIA : Telecommunication Industry Association
Do you know?
The best of signal line must have standard certify and “LINK”, it is the leader of quality signal line, which had the standard certify from United State of America. That’s trustworthy.
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