Fiber Optic & LAN System

Our company is the server of design and set up fiber optic & LAN system suitable for use and environment for customer needs.

Fiber optic system

Fiber optic or an optical fiber cable is the high stability system as it is the technology of optic fiber cable. Nowadays fiber optic is more necessary for solve the problem for departments and organizations which concern with network system such as communication, network connection system of building that cannot use Lan cable or UTP for send-receipt the signal. Fiber optic is the item to solve this problem.


Fiber optic had 2 types

  1. Single-mode optical fiber : SM
  2. Multi-mode optical fiber : MM

LAN  System

LAN is the connection network system together with limit distance, such as in the same building or area where can direct install a cable line. Almost use cable line or LAN line as center to connect.


Our service

  1. Design LAN, Wireless LAN and Fiber optic system to fit for customer’s use and proficient.
  2. Give a consult, analyze problem with solution information which the best and suitable for answer customer’s need.
  3. Install LAN, all CAT 5E and CAT 6 with quality.
  4. Install Fiber optic, all Single-mode and Multi-mode.
  5. Design and wiring plan for Network cable all indoor and outdoor.
  6. Complete solution, even design, analyze problem, planning, install, test, label and all process until ready to use.
  7. Solve network problem and system maintenance.

Network Storage

Storage Server is the server which specific design for store data. Quantity of hard disk is the most of prominent but depend which storage selection. There are different in technology in each brand, all storage software management and Array store technology of RAID for protect disk, and speed for back up. Nowadays storage technology for business from small business to large business, they also need unequal size of storage to store their data. There are 3 main format of storage.

  • DAS or  Direct Attach Storage
  • NAS or Network Attach Storage
  • SAN or Storage Area Network

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